About the project

The guide of defence and natural heritage gives us the opportunity to explore historical objects and artefacts of the World War II in their natural surroundings instead of seeing them behind the glass in museums. You are invited to explore and travel 584 kilometres on the defence and natural heritage route. The guide contains six different routes. The journey begins in Kaunas, in Palemonas to be precise. The route takes you through Kaunas Old Town, then up north towards Plungė and continues through Klaipėda county to the very centre of Klaipėda- the Old Town.

All of these and other objects have their own short audio guides that will help you explore the stories and events related to those objects as well as cultural, historical and natural heritage. The app‘s augmented reality camera will help you see what the objects looked like in the past. All of the information is translated to Lithuanian, English, German, Russian and Latvian.

The creators of the project would like to point out that the vast majority of the old military objects are also a part of natural heritage as they are located in national parks, recreational forests and nature reserves. The project of military and natural heritage is based on this dualistic principle.

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